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Dhoni’s Hookah Session at Party Sparks Controversy, Bailey’s Past Comments Resurface

Feature: A recent video featuring former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni smoking hookah at a social event has taken social media by storm. The footage, capturing Dhoni in a casual setting, has reignited discussions around his fondness for hookah. Interestingly, this resurfaced amid an old statement by his ex-teammate George Bailey, shedding light on how Dhoni used hookah sessions as a tool to foster camaraderie among team members.

The viral video showcases Dhoni enjoying the traditional water pipe, sparking a range of reactions among fans and followers. The footage, capturing a more relaxed and off-field side of the cricketer, has gone viral across various social media platforms.

A video resurfaced recently where Bailey discussed, “He enjoys indulging in sheesha or hookah. Frequently, he would arrange it in his room, maintaining a very open-door policy.” Bailey emphasized Dhoni’s unique approach to team camaraderie, fostering a laid-back environment where players openly exchanged thoughts on different facets of the game.

George Bailey, who shared the Chennai Super Kings dressing room with Dhoni, had previously spoken about the captain’s affinity for hookah. Bailey highlighted that Dhoni often set up hookah sessions in his room, following an open-door policy. This allowed younger players to join and engage in late-night discussions about the game and life.

The reappearance of Bailey’s comments in conjunction with the trending video has sparked considerable buzz on social media. Fans and followers have shared a blend of astonishment and nostalgia, with many applauding Dhoni’s unorthodox methods for team bonding. However, some have raised ethical questions, particularly considering Dhoni’s role as not just a player but also a role model for many.

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