About Us

Mobilenews24X7 is a new generation digital news network, established to feed the people with latest developments and updates. It is one of the leading App-based web news channels, available in three languages: Odia, Hindi and English. It delivers personalized news to viewers on their smart phones at a time of their choosing. The viewers are free to choose the news according to their interest and preferences along with the volume of stories they want to read / watch. In order to promote the concept of citizen journalism, for the first time, the viewers can upload news that they see at their surround and earn benefits.

Mobilenews24X7 is a reader-friendly, independent news media company. It publishes true and unbiased news without any fear and gives an insight into all recent events and updates. In an industry driven by corporate, government and public interests, we strongly believe in the need for an independent news model, and a free and accountable press. Through media critique, reportage, podcasts and documentaries, our stories bring you the latest in current affairs in innovative and engaging formats.

Mobilenews24X7 competes to “break” the news along with latest videos and pictures. The motto of the organization is to bring our readers the stories behind the headlines, through thoughtfully-researched deep dives and ground facts without putting much colour into the developments.

Mobilenews24X7 covers a wide variety of news items relating to Odisha, national and global subjects: from politics to policy; from agriculture to the culture; from technology to meteorology; from elections to governance; environment to eco-tourism; from economy to entertainment. 

Mobilenews24X7 also provides live-streaming of important news events from its studio and from the field, depending on the importance of the event. Most mobilenews24X7 video reports are not more than 180 seconds long. Yet, they are sharp and comprehensive. Similarly, the news coverage in web portals of Mobilenews24X7 is facts and data driven instead of opinion-based. 

Mobilenews24X7 has a team of senior and seasoned journalists drawn from the field of broadcasting, management and academia. Our Bureau includes Writers, Reporters and Stringers from across the country.

Mobilenews24X7 is founded by Dr Girija B Nanda, a renowned policy analyst and strategist who has a wide experience of working with the top national and international level multi-national companies and the government since last two decades. Dr Nanda has partnered with a seasoned journalist, Mr D N Singh who had a stint with first generation news network, Zee News for over two decades. He has also officiated as Editor-in Chief with a satellite Television channel Focus Odisha. Mr D N Singh is working day and night to keep away from the noise in the news and tried to interpret and analyze definite data to enable, empower and enthrall the public. 

The website, www.mobilenews24X7.com, is up and running since June 2021 and receiving very good traction. The website, mobilenews24X7 is active round the clock on various social media platforms and engaging with its viewers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. 

Mobilenews24X7 is now focused on expanding its subject coverage through content and strategic collaborations. It also plans to add daily and weekly shows (both news and current affair programmes). It is working on technology so it can be available on smart TVs directly through smart phones. It is working out a strategy to promote the concept of citizen journalism and involve people at the grass-root to be a mouthpiece.

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