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Little Girl’s Emotional Reaction Seeing Her Family Cheering For Her Wins Internet

Children express their emotions and feelings in the best way possible without pretending and sometimes even without speaking a word. What can be more wholesome than seeing a child find comfort, joy and happiness in the presence of their parents.

Recently, A little girl’s adorable reaction after seeing her parents from the stage, where she is going to perform along with others, has melted hearts of netizens. The Video has earned a huge number of likes, shares and comments within a short while.

The video shows a bunch of adorable girls preparing for their dance performance on stage. All were seen in black tops and ruffled skirts with different colours.

But that’s not all. One of them starts crying, while on stage, as soon as she sees her parents cheering up for her. “Pure joy when she finds her family in the crowd,” says the title that appears on the video. We are pretty sure your day will be made, once you watch this video.

Shared by deep_things_world to Instagram in February the post has so far earned more than 14 thousand likes and a number of adorable comments.

Here are some adorable comments for the video:

“Omg I’m proud I cried. Too bad I gotta do this all over again with my child. I can see the waterworks now!!”

“That’s the sweetest response, that will help her development forever. If we add the fact that she is a sweet, sweet girl. Just look at that face and the happiest smile you had ever seen.”

“OmG, she’s so adorable”

“I wish wish wish i came from a family that provoked that much love in me when i saw them. I certainly don’t.”

“The most precious response!! That’s me every time I see my out of state adult children”

“I’m the oldest child in my family and my parents almost never had time to visit this kind of occasions with me. But I never missed parties of my siblings (even took flights when I was away) and kids, until I was involved. Sisters grew up and still remember those times with great joy and gratitude. This moments matter”

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