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Video goes viral: CEO Vivek Bindra Assaulted Wife Hours After Marriage

As per law enforcement authorities, the report was lodged by Vaibhav Kwatra, who is the brother of Yanika, the wife of Vivek Bindra.

Noida: The troubling incident unfolded in the early hours of December 7 at Supernova West Residency in Noida’s Sector 94, where Bindra and Yanika reside. A heated altercation initially erupted between Bindra and his mother, Prabha, leading to Yanika stepping in to mediate. However, the situation escalated dramatically, and Yanika allegedly became the victim of physical assault by Bindra. The disturbing incident was captured on video, subsequently going viral on social media.

According to the complaint filed by Vaibhav Kwatra, Yanika’s brother, the assault has left deep wounds on Yanika’s body, impacting her ability to hear. The FIR details that Bindra, following their marriage on December 6, subjected Yanika to verbal abuse, hair-pulling, and physical assault within hours of their wedding. Furthermore, Yanika’s phone was allegedly broken during the altercation.

In addition to the domestic violence accusations, Vivek Bindra is also facing allegations of involvement in a scam. Sandeep Maheshwari, another prominent Indian motivational speaker and YouTuber, released a video titled “Big Scam Expose” on his YouTube channel. In this video, Maheshwari presented testimonials from students who claimed to have been deceived by Bindra’s company, BBPL.

Despite the serious allegations, Vivek Bindra has vehemently denied all charges against him. It remains to be seen how the legal proceedings unfold and whether evidence presented by both sides will be scrutinized to determine the truth.

The news of Vivek Bindra’s alleged misconduct has stirred public outrage and discussions on social media platforms. Many of his followers and admirers are expressing shock and disbelief, while others are calling for a thorough investigation into the matter.

The accusations against Vivek Bindra, a prominent figure in the motivational speaking community, have sent shock waves through his fan base. As legal proceedings progress, the truth behind the domestic violence allegations and the purported scam will be revealed. The incident raises questions about the responsibility and accountability of influential figures in society, emphasizing the need for a fair and thorough investigation into such serious accusations.

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