Violent Sword Attack Unfolds in Bhubaneswar: Eight Arrested in Connection with Brutal Assault

Bhubaneswar: In a shocking incident that sent shockwaves through Bhubaneswar, a brutal sword attack on two youths at Airport Square has led to the arrest of eight individuals. The victims, identified as Shiva Maharana and Rakesh alias Raka, faced the gruesome assault on Sunday night, allegedly sparked by a dispute over ‘Khatti’ on a property owned by one Pradip Singh.

The initial attack, carried out by Pradip Singh, triggered a chain of violent events. Both Shiva and Raka, who themselves have a history of pending cases, were returning after assaulting Singh when they came under a subsequent attack by local youths from Kedarpali and Forest Park areas.

The police swiftly took action, making a total of eight arrests from both sides involved in the altercation. Two separate cases have been registered in connection with the incident, according to a police official. The severity of the assault and the involvement of multiple parties have escalated the legal repercussions.

After the initial sword attack, the assailants fled towards Bhanjanagar in a car. However, the police intercepted the vehicle, leading to the immediate arrest of four individuals. Subsequent investigations led to the apprehension of four more individuals connected to the incident.

The victims, Shiva and Raka, are currently receiving medical attention for the injuries sustained during the attack. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, with the possibility of more arrests looming. Additionally, the police are examining the potential links of those arrested with the notorious ‘kacha baniyan’ gang, adding a layer of complexity to the case.


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