Drunk woman clashes with cops in Vadodara

Vadodara, August 28: A woman, allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, wreaked havoc in Vadodara after she vehemently resisted arrest and engaged in a heated altercation with the police following a collision involving her car.

A video of the incident, which took place on Sunday, is making the rounds on social media.

It shows the woman verbally abusing the police and also captures her unruly behaviour.

The woman was apprehended by the police for not only driving while intoxicated but also for engaging in a physical altercation with the officers.

Authorities have registered a case against her in connection with the incident.

The confrontation unfolded when the police stopped the woman, who was driving her car at night, during routine checks.

The incident took place against the backdrop of heightened vigilance by Traffic Police and increased checks across the state following a harrowing accident on the Iskcon bridge in Ahmedabad.

The woman’s car was stopped during a road check near Gotri Gokul Nagar in Vadodara.

Evidently inebriated, a female officer requested her cooperation to exit the vehicle for inspection.

However, the woman’s reaction was far from calm, she unleashed a torrent of abuse and escalated to physically clashing with the lady officer.

Despite her attempts to strike the officer, the female officer maintained her composure and urged the woman to remain calm.

The situation escalated further when the woman slapped a male police officer present at the scene during the check.

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