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New Yorker pulls out car of tight junction; Video goes viral

New York : If you are a driver, then you will agree that parking a car and pulling it out can be a tough task. You need to be a pro driver if the cars are parked in a congested junction.

One such driver from New York pulled out his car that was tightly parked as if it was no big deal. His impressive driving skills were caught on camera.A video going viral on social media shows the man being asked how he will take out his vehicle from such a packed space. While most people would freak out, the man looks unbothered and says, “I’m going to take a picture of this,” before getting inside the car.

The video has gone viral across social media platforms, garnering more than 27 lakh views. While most netizens were surprised to see the man’s parking skills, others said that it was a normal sight for any New Yorker.

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