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Smart city woman pays for being smart enough to steal smart phone

Bhubaneswar, Jul 6 : After a police investigation, the young woman who had stolen an iPhone from a store at Sahid Nagar closed the case by paying for the it . With the help of the police, the owner of the mobile shop has recovered Rs1,43,000. She paid 50,000 in cash, 90,000 via card and 3000 by swiping machine.

Earlier in the day, a young woman bought an iPhone from a mobile phone shop in Sahidnagar. After buying an iPhone from the store, the young woman went home with her car and shop staff, asking him to bring money from the house. However, escaped to her place from the petrol station.

This high drama continued as shop staff chased her to home. However, upon arriving home, the young woman argued that she had not picked up the phone. The shop owner then lodged a written complaint with the Sahidnagar police station hence the woman ultimately handed over the money to the police.

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