In Pursuit for 30 Months: Why Commissionerate Police Still Unable to Arrest Sonia Tripathy?

Bhubaneswar: For the past 30 months, Sonia has been a phantom haunting the corridors of justice in Odisha. Amidst three pending Non-Bailable Warrants (NBWs), two rejected anticipatory bails, and a trio of charge sheets from both the Economic Offences Wing (EoW) and Infocity Police, her evasion of the law paints a picture of a hardened criminal seemingly beyond the reach of authorities.

Accused in a total of seven cases across Nayapalli and Cyber Crime Police Stations, Sonia’s alleged misdeeds include check bounce cases and more serious offenses, with the potential for a life sentence looming over her. But what baffles observers is not just the extent of her alleged criminal activities, but the apparent inability of law enforcement to bring her to justice.

Despite the technological advancements and the pervasive use of mobile phones, Sonia has managed to evade capture, raising questions about the effectiveness of tracking methods employed by the police. How is it that in an era where digital footprints are meticulously followed, Sonia remains elusive?

The narrative deepens as suspicions arise regarding potential collusion within the ranks of law enforcement. With court orders to surrender and execute NBWs seemingly ignored, the spotlight turns to those tasked with upholding the law. Who are the police officers aiding Sonia’s evasion, and what motivations lie behind their actions?

In the face of mounting legal pressure and external scrutiny, the perplexing aspect remains: who is aiding Sonia in evading arrest, and why? Despite court orders and directives from the Chief Minister’s Office mandating Sonia’s apprehension, there appears to be a network of individuals within the police force actively defying these orders. The identity and motivations of these individuals remain elusive, casting a troubling shadow over the integrity and accountability of law enforcement in Odisha.

These disturbing revelations beg the question: how deep does the web of complicity go, and what measures will be taken to root out corruption and ensure that justice prevails in Sonia’s case?


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