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Video of young girls dancing inside running train goes viral; netizens praise their confidence

In the days of social media, the creators don’t hesitate to go to any lengths for some likes and comments on social sides. In the past few days, many people were seen not only dressing up, dancing but also doing lewd acts in the Delhi Metro.

The current viral version is a group of pretty girls dancing to a trending song while being seated on the berths of the coach has gone viral.

Internet is smitten by the confidence of the girls and applauded them for the video. Sharing the video, a Twitter user wrote, “Bas Itna Confidence chahiye. Bhai mere se train mein logon kea age khana bhi khaya nahin jata. (need this much confidence, I can’t even eat food in front of people in the train).”

Have a look

The clip begins with a girl starting with her first step to the song on the side upper berth of the coach. The camera then pans to a girl standing in the passageway and then to a girl on the left-hand upper berth. The other girls in the group then stand in the coach and gyrate to the music, which occupies an entire compartment.

Since being shared online, the video has received nearly 3 lakh views with 3042 likes and 362 retweets.

“Esa confidence kahan milega (Where can one get such confidence),” said another user.

A user commented, “I’m suddenly getting an urge to travel by train.”

Another comment read, “First metro, now this, seems like trains are the targets!”

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