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Bengaluru woman gets husband’s name tattooed on forehead; That’s fake, says Internet

How far can you go to show your love for your better half? a thoughtful gift or simply a cozy date night? When people are in love, they frequently make extravagant gestures for their spouses. The excitement and delight felt after surprising someone close to you is unparalleled.  However, a Bengaluru-based woman went extra length to express her love for her husband. In an extravagant gesture for her husband, the woman tattooed his name directly on her forehead.

Now, we don’t know how much you need to love your partner to get their name tattooed on your forehead, but this tattoo artist from Bengaluru decided to do so. And she has become a topic of discussion on the ‘gram.

Shared by King Maker tattoo studio in Bengaluru, the video shows the woman sitting for the session as the artist puts a stencil of her husband’s name on her forehead.

Take a look at the video:

The tattoo artist first wrote the name on paper and pasted the paper on the woman’s forehead before zeroing on a final font size. The tattoo artist then began to use the tattoo machine to add ink to the woman’s forehead.

When the tattoo process started, the woman was seen feeling uneasy and even started to stop the artist by using hand expressions.

While the video indicated the woman’s affection for her husband, users were critical for her gesture and stated that she had over reacted and behaved stupidly.

The clip has garnered tons of views and several comments. People were stunned to see the tattoo. Many also pointed out that it is fake.

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