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Master Chef of Microsoft: Smriti Irani taught Bill Gates how to add tadka to khichdi. Viral video

Union minister Smriti Irani regularly updates her social media profile to keep her followers up to date with interesting posts and the people she meets. And again she created a buzz after sharing a video with Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates.

Irani took to Twitter to post a video of Gates standing next to her and assisting her with the tadka for the khichdi. He then mixes the ingredients to finish the cooking and finally, tastes the khichdi.

“Recognising the Super Food of India and its POSHAN component.. When @BillGates gave tadka to Shree Ann Khichdi,” Irani captioned the video.

Take a look at the clip below:

In the clip, you can see Bill Gates trying his hand at cooking as part of the Empowerment Through Nourishment campaign. The billionaire was seen alongside Smriti Irani, who showed him how to make tadka for khichdi. Gates can be seen adding ingredients to a pan. Once the tadka is ready, Irani swiftly pours it on top of the khichdi, and Gates helps her to stir it. Gates also takes a few bites of the dish.

The post has over 477k views and tons of reactions. People thanked Gates for recognising the culture and the cuisine of India. Many also expressed how nicely Smriti Irani instructed Bill Gates regarding the preparation of the khichdi.

“Finally added the flavour to khichdi. Khichdi is all about the final step of tadka. How humble of our union minister Smriti Z Irani and world’s business icon Bill gates to be so grounded and nailing the tadka for a perfect khichdi,” a user wrote on Twitter.

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