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Music can breathe life: Mother elephant and her baby groove to a piano play by a man and seem enjoying in a video, watch that

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True that the music neither requires any language nor cares for barriers. It can, it is said, melt a stone. Even many animals do appear enjoying music. See in this video how a mama elephant and her baby sway blissfully when someone plays a beautiful  track on the piano. Incredible!

Elephants might be the largest of all land mammals on Earth, but they are one of the most lovable and sociable creatures to walk this planet. They’re gigantic, but they are also sweet, nurturing, and are known to have emotions similar to humans. More so, just like us, they are playful beings, who also like to have fun. But who knew that just like people, elephants love listening to music as well?

A heartwarming clip is going viral which shows a mama elephant and her calf listening to man playing the piano. The video was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Supriya Sahu and originally posted by the pianist Paul Barton from Thailand. It shows a mommy elephant named Norpol and an adorable baby elephant named Norgel standing near the man playing his piano in the middle of the forest.

As the pianist played the soothing notes of a classical song beautifully, the two jumbos played with dirt and enjoyed listening to the music. Netizens loved the video saying that Beethoven would have loved this video. “Such a lively audience….worth performing,” a user commented. “Beethoven would have loved it,” another user wrote. “Wow!!! So

That is the sweetest thing on the internet today

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