Soft and soothing to taste but in them are the catalysts those can sow seeds of cancer

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The levels in some samples exceeded the BIS standards by 140 times for the deadly pesticide Lindane, a confirmed carcinogen” “Heptachlor, banned in India, was found in 71 per cent of the samples, at levels four times higher than BIS standards” ”

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on Wednesday came out with a new report on the levels of pesticides in soft drinks available in the market.

Pesticide Percentage (%) in cold drinks released from IMA (Indian Medical Association) recently

1 Thums up 7.2%

2 Coke 9.4%

3 7 UP 12.5%

4 Mirinda 20.7%

5 Pepsi 10.9%

6 Fanta 29.1%

7 Sprite 5.3%

8 Frooti 24.5%

9 Maaza 19.3%

It’s very dangerous to the Human Liver, Results in Cancer

with inputs from (CSE)

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