Gujarat: Minor boy spends Rs 13 lakh from grandfather’s account on online gaming

Ahmedabad, Sep 30 : Dahod Police in Gujarat have uncovered a case of online banking transaction fraud, wherein a minor boy managed to spend a staggering Rs 13 lakh from his grandfather’s bank account.

The official said that the funds were used for online gaming and the purchase of high-end mobile phones while the minor was being drawn into the world of online addiction.

The officials said the matter is still under investigation.

The complaint was filed by the grandfather, a retired government official, who became suspicious upon noticing a series of unauthorised withdrawals amounting to Rs 13 lakh from his bank account in recent times.

The substantial sum had been frittered away on acquiring in-game points, a cricket kit, and the acquisition of two high-end mobile phones, all of which he had discreetly stashed at a friend’s residence in an attempt to elude detection.

Realising that these transactions were not of his own making, the grandfather promptly sought assistance from the Dahod Police’s cyber cell.

During the course of the inquiry, it was uncovered that the purchases had been orchestrated by none other than his own grandson.

The minor boy has admitted to squandering the substantial amount due to his insatiable addiction to online gaming. The boy had also used his grandfather’s phone for money unauthorised transactions.

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