38-yr-old fraud case: Army, Air Force officials sentenced to 3-yr rigorous imprisonment by CBI court

New Delhi, July 23 : Thirty eight years after a fraud of Rs 3.82 crore was committed by some senior Army and Air Force officials in the name of local purchases, a Special CBI judge in Lucknow awarded three years rigorous imprisonment to eight accused, including, a former Army Major, ex-Lieutenant Colonel (commander works engineer), and garrisons engineer of military engineering services for committing fraud.

The local purchase to the tune of Rs 3.82 crore was made by the accused officers between November 1983 and November 1985.
The Special Judge awarded the jail term to Satya Pal Sharma (Lt. Colonel); Y.K. UppaI (then Garrison Engineer); K.S. Saini (Lt. Colonel) then Garrison Engineer (West); Virendra Kumar Jain, then Garrison Engineer (East); S.S. Thakkar then Garrison Engineer (Air Force), Bamrauli; and Ashok Kumar Deora, Anil Kumar Deora, Pawan Kumar Deora, all proprietors of different fictitious firms.
The CBI registered the instant case against Lt. Colonel S.P. Sharma, then Commander Works Engineer (CWE), Military Engineering Services (MES), Allahabad and other officials working under CWE, Allahabad and Partners of various fictitious private firms on the allegations of huge local purchase at exorbitant rates to the tune of Rs 3.82 crore in violation of laid down guidelines during the period between November-1983 and November 1985.
After investigation, a charge sheet was filed against the accused before the competent court.
The Trial Court found the said accused guilty and convicted them

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