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Lioness Bijli bred 3 Cubs including 1 stillborn at Nandankanan

Barang : The lioness ‘Bijli’ gave birth to three cubs while one cub among them was stillborn at Nandankanan Zoological Park in the smart city Bhubaneswar late last night.

According to reports,  Bijli gave birth to three babies in stages from her first delivery after five days of labour pain and the first baby was reported to have been born at 2:45 am, second at 3.12 am and third, at 3.38 am. Out of the three cubs, one cub has died.

Notably, Bijli was impregnated with lion Samrat, who was brought from Bilaspur zoo in April.

On the other hand, the mother lioness along with two other cubs have been kept in a separate room in the Lion Safari under CCTV surveillance for safety by a veterinarian and a Nandankanan worker.

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