Pentagon confirms 2 US militants injured in rocket attack on Al-Assad air base in Iraq

Washington, Jul 8 : Two members of the US military were injured during a rocket attack against the Ain Al-Assad Air Base that hosts Coalition troops in Iraq, Defense Department spokesperson Commander Jessica McNulty confirmed to Sputnik.Earlier on Wednesday, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col.

Wayne Marotto said two personnel suffered minor injuries after 14 rockets were fired at the air base.”I can confirm two US service members had the minor injuries in today’s attack at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq,” McNulty said in a statement on Wednesday.

This is the second rocket attack on the Ain Al-Assad base this week. On Monday, the air base was hit by three rockets that did not result in any injuries or material damage.On June 27, the Defense Department said US fighter jets struck facilities of the Iranian-backed militants – Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada – in the Syrian-Iraqi border region in response to attacks against United States interests in Iraq.


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