Odisha MPs seek GI tag for Kendrapara Rasabali

Bhubaneswar: Three MPs of Odisha have demanded Geographical Indication (GI) tag for ‘Kendrapara Rasabali’, a sweet which traces its origin to the 400-year-old Baldevjew temple here.

The three MPs of Odisha Subash Chandra Singh, Munna Khan and Mamta Mahanta met minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal at the Parliament office and submitted a memorandum regarding the GI tag for Kendrapara Rasabali.

In a letter written by MP of Rajya Sabha Subash Chandra Singh to the minister of Commerce and Industry.  he stated “Odisha is the home to the oldest organised kitchen in the world, the prasad served in Brahmagiri temple is a testament to the state’s culinary magnificence even 500 years ago”.

He further mentioned that one such delicacy is Kendrapara Rasaballi which originated in Baladevjew Temple for more than 400 years ago. It is deep fried patties of cheeses soaked in thickened milk. Several people in Kendrapara district depend on the sale for their livelihood. However due to improper marketing strategies and misuse of its name, it has failed to gain widespread recognition.

He urged the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Government of India to consider conferring a Geographical Indicator tag on the food Kendrapara Rasaballi as it will provide a distinct identity to its sweet delicacy while building its reputation in the market nationally as well as in international level

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