Madhya Pradesh CM launches air ambulance service

Bhopal, March 2 :Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav inaugurated an ‘air ambulance service’ in Ujjain on Saturday.

Launched as a pilot project, the service has been named the ‘PM Air Ambulance Service’.

“This service will prove to be a boon for the underprivileged section,” the Chief Minister said.

He further said that under the service, a helicopter ambulance and a fixed-wing converted ICU aircraft will serve the citizens of the state.

“Both the helicopter and aircraft will have a team of highly trained doctors and paramedics. The medical team, including doctors deployed in the air ambulance service, will undergo a special training,” Chief Minister Yadav said.

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of extending air ambulance services to every district.

“This initiative aims to facilitate the airlifting of seriously ill patients to locations where advanced medical treatment is available. The air ambulance service is not only crucial for saving lives but also contributes to boosting tourism and commercial activities in the region,” he said.

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