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Delivery boy rides horse to deliver order in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Jan 3: A delivery boy of Zomato took a horse ride to deliver an order in Hyderabad on Tuesday after petrol stations ran out of fuel due to strike by truckers over new law on hit-and-run accidents.

The delivery boy wearing Zomato bag was seen riding the horse on a road near Imperial hotel in Chanchalguda area in the old city.

The video of the young man riding the horse to deliver the order was widely shared on social media.

He came with the innovative idea after his motorbike ran out of petrol. Petrol banks were either shut after running out of stocks or there were long queues of customers.

The video reminded people of a visual of a Swiggy man riding a horse to deliver food in Mumbai in 2002 amid heavy rains.



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