Neha Dhupia: Don’t like being uneasy or uncomfortable in anything that I wear

Mumbai, March 15 : Actress Neha Dhupia agrees that beauty and fashion are very close to her life but she minces no words when she says that the crucial part of dressing up for her is to not be “uneasy” or “uncomfortable” in anything that she wears.

“That’s true beauty and fashion are very close to my life,” Neha told IANS on the sidelines of LFW x FDCI, where she turned showstopper for the label Chola.

The actress added: “It’s actually very close to who I am and I feel that anything that makes you comfortable, makes you feel confident and anything that makes you feel confident is fashionable.”

For the former beauty queen, it is the confidence that is eternally fashionable.

“For me, fashion is something that comes and goes but style is something that is eternal and for me something that doesn’t go out of style is your confidence when you wear something,” she added.

Neha, who was walking on the Day 2 of the fashion extravaganza on March 14, shared about her fashion sensibilities.

“I always maintain that and I don’t like being uneasy or uncomfortable in anything that I wear. That’s the most crucial part of dressing up,” said the actress.

Neha strongly believes in sustainable fashion and promoting indie brands.

“I have always strongly supported sustainable fashion and indie brands and Chola is one of my most favourites and today I walked for her. Sustainability begins at home. We can go out and talk about it but the truth is how far are we going to stay sustainable,” she said.

Neha does her bit for the planet, here’s how: “A large part of me as a mom is what I do is to give hand me downs of my children to other mums and co-workers who need and also I do not shy away from taking hand me downs from them.”

The actress added: “I think sustainability begins at home, reusing clothes, investing in lesser clothes and not going excessive when it comes to things that one doesn’t need.”

“It’s the little differences that you can make and the choices you make that define your sustainability quotient.”

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