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Watch: Bride’s flawless performance on ‘Raatan Lambiyan,’ leaves groom in awe

Dance performances have become an integral part of Indian weddings, with family members and friends showcasing their best moves to celebrate the joyous occasion. The bride and groom prepare dance performances for their special one and the videos become viral on social media.

It has become a trend now to give a performance on the wedding day or before that and most of the brides ace the dance performance on energetic songs. A video is going viral on the internet where the bride can be seen dancing to the song ‘Raatan Lambiyan’ for her groom.

The now-viral was shared on YouTube by Shivani Patel, the bride herself. The clip showed her dancing with ease and grace on the energetic beats of the music while her soon-to-be groom sits afar and enjoys the dance. The sparkle in his eyes is an undoubted indication that he is mesmerized by her performance.

Watch Video Here:

She is looking ravishing in the traditional dress, making the dance performance even more exciting. The couple is setting an example on how to make a moment memorable for life and they are making it with their performance.

So far, the clip has garnered more than 9.7 million views and tons of comments. She dons a traditional white lehenga as she dances to the beats of the popular song from the movie Shershaah.

People praised her presentation and filled the comment section with beautiful remarks. One person wrote, “Wow I’m speechless amazing performance you put everything in to it and taken the whole performance to another level. Bless you both.” Another commented, “flawless dance and nice couple.”

A third user said, “Mind blowing…n ur dress is sooo beautiful…. Gorgeous bride” and a fourth comment read, “The dance, the bride, the groom + that floor= awesome.”

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