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Woman Relaxing With A Huge Python Is Not A Usual Sight, Watch chilling video

Very strange videos of snakes are seen on social media. On seeing the snake, the human speech stops. At the same time, fear comes in the mind of some. Tell everyone, whether the snake is small or big, everyone likes to stay away.

However, now many people have started raising snakes for hobby. But experts say that it is very difficult to guess what will be the next move of the snake.

Now, a video of a woman with a giant python crawling on her lap has been going viral on Twitter. The clip shows a young lady sitting on the porch with her phone. While everything else feels normal, one thing that stands out and intrigues the viewers is the presence of a huge python. Not only is the snake long and fat, but it crawls on the woman’s lap. Any normal person who may be watching the video sitting in their home will feel chills running down their spine.

Watch the video here

Even the very thought of treating a huge python like a pet dog or cat is something difficult to digest, but this woman seems to do it effortlessly. The video has gone viral on the microblogging platform. It has more than 2.63 lakh views.

The user captioned the video, “I’m your friend…. for now.” It probably means the user wants to convey that for the time being the giant python is behaving like a friend, yet since it is a wild reptile, it may harm in future. We think the ‘for now’ in the caption means that.

While the clip also earned a number of comments a user also tried to say the above thing. He commented, “They are called wild animals for a reason. They can be vicious at any moment & kill you instantly with their sheer power. It’s natural for them, nothing wrong in it. When Python starts crawling on you repeatedly, read the early signs, Python’s sizing u before it makes final move..”

“Looks real. I couldn’t find a reliable source, though”

“Just normal day in Indonesia”

“She must have buns”

“That one woman backstabbing me whike saying she is my friend”

“I’ve seen it as a kid sliding across the length of the boundary wall approximately 15 18 feet long from my door,some 10 metres from it & even from that distance was so terrified to move;froze. Finally slid away ever so slowly in2 the jungle behind.Was a horrible experience”

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