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Woman Hack Of Having A Phone Free Family Dinner; Internet Says Policy Is Superhit

If you grew up in a desi household, you probably know how eating dinner as a family is mandatory and non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter if a fight occurred between parents or if the child got scolded for poor marks, at the end of the day, it is a must for each member of the family to dine together. We all know the age-old rule of having a happy family is to eat at least one meal together.

But in recent times, the development of technology has made children more inclined towards social media advertising material available online. We cannot blame the kids alone because now even parents prefer to spend more time on their smartphones and laptops than having quality conversations.

Take a look:

In the now-viral video, shared on Twitter by Kungfu Pande, where the mother can be seen seated at the dining table while her husband and kids are standing in a queue awaiting to get the meal. Each one of them has to submit to gadgets to get their meals. Firstly, the son approaches the table and keeps his handheld video game console on the table. After this, his mother gives him his dinner. Next, the daughter comes with her laptop. And after keeping it on the table she asks for her food. The mother strictly thumps on the table, after which, she takes out her mobile. Clearly, one can’t act smart in front of a mom. However, the father sure had the audacity to think that he can outplay his wife.

As he reaches the table, he keeps his laptop and asks for the food. The wife beats her hand on the table after which takes out his mobile and gestures for dinner again. But it had not ended yet. The wife thumps the table again. Wondering why? Well, he had a second phone with him in his next pocket. After keeping it on the table, the mother prepares his dinner plate. And the clip concludes on an amazing note that read “Dinner is not just eating food, its family time.”

The video has garnered over 158k views and tons of reactions. Many netizens wrote how they will definitely try out the hack in their families. Others simply pointed out that children should not be given access to social media so soon.

One comment read, “This should be the norm now” and another person said, “Every home should follow this to the hilt for all meals!”

A third user wrote, “Quite relevant in today’s world!” and a fourth commented, “In my home, I have banned tv time while having dinner.”

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