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WATCH: Inebriated youth rides bull on street in Rishikesh, Booked

Alcohol can help people loosen up and enjoy the present moment. But too much of anything may not result in appropriate behaviours. A video of an inebriated youth riding a bull through a street in Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh has been getting fervidly viral across social media platforms.

The incident not only created chaos in the midnight hours; it also involved misbehaving with animals.

The police force said legal action was taken against the youth, and he was warned not to attempt such stunts with animals in the future.

In the clip going viral on social media, the man is seen riding a bull as if it was a horse. Apparently, the man was consciously trying to create a viral video. The clip seems to have been recorded past midnight as most of the shops remained closed. Moreover, only a handful of people were seen in the video. Those who witnessed the man’s bizarre action were evidently shocked by it. The man’s chaotic bull ride grabbed eyeballs online.

While many people were shocked by the video and thought it was inappropriate, others compared it to Jallikattu and claimed the young man hadn’t done anything that deserved legal action.

 Jallikattu is an event in which a bull is let loose into a throng of spectators, and everyone tries to grasp on to the bull’s massive back hump with both arms while it makes an attempt to flee.

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