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Viral At Any Cost? Agra man drives car on railway platform for social media cred but…

In order to gain views and likes on their posts and become viral, social media users are coming up with weird ideas. Recently, on Tuesday, the authorities booked Sunil Kumar, a resident of the Jagdishpura area of Agra, after he drove an SUV on the railway platform.

The incident was reported on March 8, 2023, due to a security lapse. Action has been taken on the matter, said Prashasti Srivastava, Division Commercial Manager, Agra. Action is being taken in the matter.

Take a look

In the video, Kumar, who is said to be a resident of the Jagdishpura area of Agra is seen driving a silver coloured MG Hector on the platform in reverse gear as passengers stare baffled at the car.

Sunil Kumar has been reportedly booked for violating Sections 159 and 147 of the Railway Act.

It is still unclear how Kumar managed to get the SUV inside the railway station platform without being intercepted by security.


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