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Two men try to click picture with tiger; run for life when this happens

In today’s world of social media, thousands of people share videos and photos on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Some of them are sweet, funny or dangerous. It is very common in South Asian countries to click pictures with Tigers, leopards, and lions at a zoo where the wild cats are chained for safety purposes. Now a video of two men trying to click pictures with a tiger has surfaced on the internet.

Have a look:

A hair-raising video shows two men can be seen sitting behind a chained tiger in an enclosure in a zoo as their friend busily takes pictures. We can also see the tiger continuously being poked in the face with a wooden stick. The big cat first tried to ignore it but apparently ended up roaring, which scared the two men immediately. The two men can be seen rushing after the roar in a terrible hurry to get away from the angry tiger. Meanwhile, the tiger also watched them rush towards the exit.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user named @HasnaZarooriHai. It has close to 83,500 views.

The clip triggered an array of reactions. Mostly, netizens mocked the man for trying to be close to the wild cat. See reactions here:

“Tiger was like “what’s with these two guys”,” posted an user with laugh emojis. “Not done bro,” commented another. “OMG,” expressed a third. “Be cautious,” remarked a fourth.

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