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This Woman Doing Makeup In Sky From 10,000 Ft. Above; Internet REACTS

McKenna, an Instagram influencer, has become a part of netizens’ discussion on social media. You might wonder why? Have you ever seen someone doing makeup in the sky above 10,000ft? If not, you must check out this latest viral video; people just love it.

A resident of Palm City, Florida Mckenna Knipe is an adventure lover and an Instagram influencer whose page is filled with several interesting posts related to skydiving.


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“What’s your skincare routine? No better way to feel refreshed, awake, and moisturized than @oakessentials at 10,000 ft! Seriously though, this brand rocks! Try out their “Routine” for a full and healthy, all natural glow!” the video caption read.

In the popular video, the woman keeps opening little bottles and applying moisturiser and other cosmetics. This is most likely the first time someone has attempted to apply makeup in mid-air. In the clip, you can see the woman simply applying the makeup and smiling like there is no fear. We are sure this kind of confidence is a must for everyone.

The video has received over 5 lakh views since it was posted to McKenna’s Instagram account. The internet considers this to be a courageous endeavour. Some folks were also in awe at how she executed the trick while in midair.

One user commented, “Ok. So you have roasted and killed every beauty influencer on insta by doing this. Wow,” another user said, “Coming down the sky fresh and clean,” one user writes, “Aren’t you afraid of crashing with the UFO?” Several users wondered, “How are the slippers not falling off” or “HOW DO U RECORD THESE.”

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