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SpiceJet’s ‘Poetic Pilot’ is at it again! He is back with a rib-tickling announcement

Flying on an aeroplane can be a routine experience for many, but sometimes the airline staff add excitement to the journey with their witty announcements.

By now you probably have seen videos of SpiceJet pilot Captain Mohit Teotia where he gives a unique twist to in-flight announcements. Captain Teotia went viral for his poetic way of doing announcements and people simply loved it.

Another video of the pilot has surfaced where he made yet another delightful and fun announcement recently, on a flight to Bangkok.

”I am happy when my passengers are happy,” wrote Mr Teotia while sharing a video on Instagram. ”Kabhi jhooth bol ke travel kiya hai” (Have you ever lied about travelling), a text insert on the video reads.

In the video, the pilot advises people not to consume ‘paan’ or betel leaf during the flight, as the cabin crew did not have a ‘pik-daani’ to spit out the tobacco. ‘Kabhi jhooth bolke travel kiya hai? (Have you ever lied about travelling)’, he asks, while ‘warning’ passengers who may have lied about travelling to Bangkok to their wives as they will get the scolding once they are back home.

Passengers can be seen laughing and smiling at his announcement. The pilot certainly is a good brand ambassador for the airline.

Watch the video here:


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Since being shared five days ago, the video has garnered over 1.38 lakh views and close to 450 comments. Internet users loved the video and thanked him for spreading cheer and positivity.

One user wrote, ”@poeticpilot_ you are doing an amazing job. Keep spreading positivity with your humour & sweet smile. God bless you.” Another commented, ”I am feeling very low but this reel of yours made me smile for a moment.”

A third added, ”Any flight with a pilot like you will have happy passengers.”

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