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Mysterious Flying Object Spotted In Night Sky, People Are Baffled | Watch Viral Vide

In January and February this year, mysterious balloons were sighted in the USA and it was alleged that they were “spy balloons” deployed by China. The balloons were shot down by the United States Air Force on the order of President Joe Biden.

There were accusations and counteraccusations between the two superpowers, with one side claiming that they were deployed for surveillance and the other side claiming that they were civilian, mainly meteorological, airships were blown off course.

Shared on Twitter by page named Wow Terrifying, the clip shows an “Unidentified Flying Object” (UFO) in the night sky. People guess it to be a spaceship. Not only does the place remains unidentified, further investigation in this matter too has not come to light.

Watch viral video here:

Internet users were shocked by the video and came up with their own explanations. One person said, “One of Elon’s vehicles” and another comment read, “It looks to me to be a late stage rocket booster separation in the stratosphere returning to earth. Just IMO.”

Meanwhile a third user wrote, “That’s just my friend E.T. finally going home.”

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