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Mother Giraffe Saves Her Baby From Lioness, Makes Her Run. Watch

Lions do hunt giraffes, but not very often. It’s a risky and tough hunt for lions. When they do, they target the young, helpless, sick, pregnant, and weak giraffes over healthy ones. Lions usually attack a giraffe from behind, stumble them to the ground, choke the throat to death, and then eat them. Usually, a lion can never beat a giraffe due to its colossal size and height. A giraffe is so tall that a lion can never reach its throat for a bite, which is how it usually tackles big animals.

 A video showing a ferocious battle between a mother giraffe and a lioness has surfaced on Instagram. The video shows a lioness running at full speed towards a baby giraffe. After closing in on the giraffe, the lioness pounced on him and tried to kill him. The giraffe, weak in strength compared to the lioness, was unable to fight back. After trying to run initially and failing in his endeavour, it looked like he surrendered to his fate. Social media users thought that finally, the lioness was going to have a meal, but the tables turned suddenly.

Watch Viral Video:

Netizens could see a reflection of a giant animal. They were shocked to see that the lioness was extremely frightened before she ran for her life. Turns out that the giant animal was a mother giraffe, who arrived just in time to save her baby.

The music perfectly captures the vibe of this heroic moment by the mother giraffe. This clip was shared on Instagram with the caption, “The giraffe runs to her cub and saves it from the lion…”.

So far, the clip has garnered more than 13.2k views and tons of comments. While some were stunned by the footage, others showed concern for the calf.

One person wrote, “I think died anyways. Looks like it collapsed its head when the mom turned around.” Another comment read, “I wonder if it came back.”

A third user commented, “It’s a lil sad to watch this” and a fourth person asked, “Why the little giraffe can’t run.”

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