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It’s raining worms in China? See this viral video from Beijing

Shocking reports emerged recently of a bizarre weather phenomenon in Liaoning, a province in China, where worm-like objects or creatures fell from the sky. A video clip that went viral showed what appeared to be earthworms scattered on cars and streets of Liaoning. Pedestrians were seen carrying umbrellas to shield themselves from the “worm rain.”

Shared by Insider Paper on Twitter, the clip shows clusters of worm-like dusty brown creatures all over cars that are parked alongside roads in Beijing. The report also said that people were also seen carrying umbrellas to save themselves from getting hit by worms falling from the sky.

Watch the viral video of worm rain in China:

A Chinese journalist named Shen Shwei has been trying to clarify the mystery surrounding the Beijing worm rain on Twitter, claiming that the footage was false and that there had been no recent rainfall in the city. The worms observed in the video, according to some sources, are usually present in the area in March and are not unusual.

It is unclear whether the worms falling from the sky are the product of natural weather events or some other factor, but the event has generated a lot of interest on social media, with many expressing surprise, curiosity, and even disgust about the strange occurrence.

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