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Horrific! Man uses pet python during street fight in Canada, Watch viral video

How many bizarre things have you seen being used in a fight? Sticks, bricks and punches are all often part of street fights but have you seen someone using a snake as a weapon?

A 45-year-old man in Toronto attacked another man with his pet python. No, we are not lying. One such video of a man seen getting into a brawl and attacking the other person using a python in Canada’s Toronto has gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred in Dundas Street West and Manning Avenue at 11:50 pm on May 10. The man approached the victim, and later, they had a physical altercation. That’s when the man used his pet python as a weapon and attacked the person.

Watch the video here:

The video shows a man swinging his pet snake and using it to strike a person in the middle of the street. The victim tries to defend himself, but the man continues to thrash him with the snake. Seconds later, a Toronto Police vehicle pulls up and officers break up the fight and make the men lie down on the ground. Meanwhile, the snake is seen slithering away.

A Twitter page captioned the clip as ”Dude uses his pet snake as a weapon during a street fight in Toronto.”

This video has been shared one day ago. Since being posted, it has been viewed 14 million times, and the numbers are still increasing. Several people have also shared comments on the post.

An individual wrote, “Arrest him for animal abuse.” A second added, “So he was just ‘walking around’ with his pet snake?” A third shared, “Animal abuse. I feel sick about people that keep snakes and birds as pets. It’s sickening, and this man needs to be prosecuted for abuse of that snake. I hate people.”

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