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Duo dances on beach on Tum Tum and Butta Bomma mashup gets 18 million views! Watch

Videos that capture people dancing to different tunes, from hip-hop to ballet and contemporary, are often a delight to watch, and social media platforms are full of such videos. One such video that has been widely shared on social media platforms features a dup energetically dancing to the beats of a mashup, and it is so mesmerizing that you’ll end up watching it on a loop.

“Twist,” wrote Instagram user Baizy Basi while sharing a video on the meta-owned platform. The viral video shows Baizy Bassi and Sneha V Chandran matching steps to the mashup of Tum Tum and Butta Bomma at a beach. While Sneha V Chandran can be seen sporting a grey and black coloured saree, Baizy Bassi can be seen in a black coloured outfit. As they dance in unison, they wear broad smiles on their faces.

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Since being shared on March 19, the video has gone viral, accumulating over 18.1 million views and more than one million likes. The video has also received a plethora of comments from netizens who have praised the duo’s dance moves, energy, and grace.

People have commented on the video, saying that the guy is dancing really well with smooth moves, and the energy and swag shown in the video are something that we all need around us. A user commented, “The guy is dancing really well… Smooth moves!” “Graceful,” another noted. A third added, “This type of energy and swag we all need around.” “Why don’t you participate in a reality dance show?” a fourth user wrote. A fifth mentioned, “Anna 1 no… Anna god bless you.”

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