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Overloaded Tractor Running on Rear Wheels Baffles Internet Users, Here’s why

For a while now, people have been discussing how Indians have a talent for achieving anything they set their minds to. However, this can also lead to risky behavior that puts safety at risk, especially with overloaded vehicles, which are a frequent sight in the country.

Pulling off dangerous stunts with vehicles is not an uncommon sight in the country. The internet is filled with videos that showcase how people take extreme risks doing wheelies on the road. Adding to that is this clip of a tractor overloaded with sugarcane. The video is doing the rounds of the internet and left people highly concerned.

In the now viral clip, a man can be seen driving a sugarcane laden tractor. However, the tractor is so overloaded with good that the front wheels do not even touch the ground. Yet the driver keeps moving toward its destination

So far, the clip has garnered more than 234k views and tons of comments. Twitteratis were shocked to see such unique way of driving and also expressed their concern over the man’s safety. One person wrote, “Good that he is still keeping momentum, once he stops before the decline, another mess. Wheelie seems good.” Another comment read, “It is just a matter of the link between tractor & trolley giving way.. what wouldn’t a man do for empty stomach.”

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