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Worse phases of heat are on the waiting, Odisha-Bengal & South are on target

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The Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority issued heatwave alerts in:

  • Komarada mandal
  • Chapadu
  • Veerapunayunipalle
  • Kamalapuram
  • Valluru
  • Muddanur
  • Yerraguntla
  • Proddatur

While an alert has been issued in these regions, the state has already seen  mercury soaring as high as 46 degrees Celsius this week. A news report said that on Wednesday, Venkatachalam mandal Yerpedu  recorded 46 degrees Celsius as the maximum temperature.

Telangana Records Over 46 Degrees Temperature

Cranking it up a notch, Telangana’s Julurpad recorded a  temperature of 46.4 degrees Celsius this week.

According to the IMD, 41 degrees Celsius will be the average temperature in Telangana’s northern, eastern, and northeastern districts in the coming days as well, with high chances of heatwaves.

While temperatures are alternating in Tamil Nadu between 37-42 degrees Celsius, a thunderstorm has also been predicted which might give some respite to people. Light-to-moderate rainfall is also expected in some regions over the weekend.

A ‘yellow alert’, indicating high temperatures, has been issued by the IMD in Kerala. The high humidity is likely to make the situation worse. Monsoon might also be delayed in the state by a few days.

West Bengal and Odisha burning under heat

Odisha and West Bengal are also seeing high temperatures and dry weather. Majorly due to the north westerly air. Apart from that, heatwave alerts have also been issued in the Konkan region.






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