World Stroke Day: Mumbai Stroke Society hosts ‘Stroke Conclave 2023’ to tackle rising stroke prevalence in India

Mumbai, Nov 1 : Mumbai Stroke Society organised the Stroke Conclave 2023, dedicated to addressing the growing prevalence of strokes in India.
World Stroke Day, initiated by the World Stroke Organization in 2006, aims to raise awareness about the gravity of strokes and promote preventive and treatment measures.
The theme for this year’s World Stroke Day, ‘Be Greater Than Stroke,’ underscores the importance of stroke prevention. The Mumbai Stroke Society’s Stroke Conclave 2023, supported by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, emphasised the critical role of collaboration among healthcare professionals, the general public, government organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in raising awareness and establishing facilities for the treatment of the increasing number of stroke cases.
Dr Pawan Ojha, Secretary of the Mumbai Stroke Society, said, ” It is our collective responsibility to strive towards a world where strokes are preventable and treatable. Together, we can be greater than stroke.”
The Mumbai Stroke Society, established in February 2019 with 30 like-minded neurologists who shared a special interest in stroke care, has seen remarkable growth over the years. Dr Shirish Hastak, Neurologist and President of the Mumbai Stroke Society, highlighted, “With approximately 75 devoted neurologists, our society is steadfast in its commitment to effect change through education and heightened awareness.
The Stroke Conclave 2023 served as a formidable platform for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and advocacy in the field of stroke care.
As the Mumbai Stroke Society continues its mission to combat strokes, it calls on individuals, organizations, and the government to join hands in the fight against this debilitating condition, as stated in a statement issued here stated on Wednesday.

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