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What is a holi without Mithaiyan, Dahi Bhalle ,Drinks with milk-kesar or Gulab jamun, just be in Delhi

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Holi is not alone about colours in this pre-summer prickly heat on the advent.

Neither is all about ‘thandai’ that kicks in a little mirth and illusion.

In North India specifically, different dishes made to relieve the jitters of heat after hours of play.

A walk into the interiors of Old Delhi brings one in tryst with the mouth-watering ‘Kachoris’s spreading its aroma far off locations like Rajori Garden and Patel nagar.

Not to be forgotten the most intimate for Thandai, the Gulab Jamuns those lovely delicacies melting before we gulp.

No matter the prices but some people even hunt for Dahi Bhalle or a glass of ‘Lassi’ drains down the stomach leaving cool lasting for hours. It is mostly in  West Delhi running for last decade.     


The look itself is tempting, Dahi Bhalle soaked with cold curd in the sweltering summer drives the reveilles of post noon.  

 How can be the Hakeem Chotey be forgotten available in a very small shop in old Delhi. Not a dish but a kind legacy that can be traced to 1861, unbelievable. And the most sought after drink with a blend of milk and ‘kesar’. Some call it royal Thandai.


The thandai is made with all natural ingredients like Elaichi, khus-khus, kesar and more.

Then a distance away is Parathewali Galli where Rose Gujiya is a must try and without that, many remain half.


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