US man cuts out Woman’s heart cooks it for family members, Kills Them Later

In a gruesome incident, a man in the US, accused of killing a woman, cutting her heart out and stabbing two people to death, including a child, has been sentenced to life in prison.

According to a report in the Independent, Lawrence Paul Anderson, 44, was jailed after he pleaded guilty to murdering Andrea Blankenship, Leon Pye, and four-year-old Kaeos Yates in Oklahoma in 2021.

After being released from prison, he murdered Andrea Blankenship and took her heart out to his aunt and uncle’s house. He cooked the heart with potatoes.

He tried to feed the couple a gruesome meal before killing 67-year-old Leon Pye and her 4-year-old grandson, ABC News said.

According to prosecutors, Anderson killed Blankenship and cut out her heart. He then took the heart to his aunt and uncle’s house where he cooked it with potatoes and tried to serve it to his uncle Leon Pye and aunt Delsie Pye.

He then fatally stabbed Leon Pye, 67 and his 4-year-old granddaughter Kaeos Yates and wounding his aunt Delsie Pye, according to authorities.

Lawrence has been sentenced to five consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to murder, assault, and maiming.

Prior to committing the crime, Anderson had been released from prison less than a month earlier. He received a 20-year prison term in 2017 for violating a drug case’s probation. After serving a little more than three years in prison, he was granted early release.

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