Now old age starts only at 80, just a little effort but a long lease, read it to know how

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‘Age is a mere number’ well said and do not pay any heed to glib talkers when they warn about extra care and precaution, forcing you to a sedentary life style. Now, as per studies and the realities on the ground, life between 50 to 80 is obviously longer a lease to live than youth; which is on a rapid decline due to various factors.

According to Tim Radford, and lun Robertson, deam of research at Dublin’s Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, with life getting life a 30 years, roughly age 50 to
80, a period much longer than youth – for which we have to have a whole new way of living,” they said.

“Old age has been postponed. Biologically and psychologically,  now begins at 80” Robertson firmly claimed.

Robertson began to study the effect of age on the brain in 1984. Then, the average age of stroke victims was 72.
“By 1999, the average age of my patients was around 82. In just 15 short years, I saw with my own eyes how, in many senses of the word, people had become younger by roughly 10 years”.

Elasticity of life span

The human brain, at all ages was plastic: it was shaped by experience, learning and thinking. Ancient Romans had a life expectancy of 22, while Europeans could look forward to a lifespan of 50 years at the start of the 20th century.

A woman of 60 in Britain now could torskich people atinsel their 50 was influenced by what they did. He Kated a seven-point plan to ensure a youthful old age:

Aerobic fitness was probably most important. The function and structure of the brain were influenced by activity.
Mental stimulation was vital. People could reduce cognitive decline by mental training.
New learning was important. “The more you learn, the more you can learn,” he said.

Brain the conduit

“It can have profound physiological effects on the brain.” High and prolonged stress had negative effects, particular on human memory.
A rich social life helped. “People who maintain a lot of social interactions maintain mental sharpness for a longer period.”
Healthy eating. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables and fish had profound effects on cognitive decline later in life.
Finally, think young.

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