Modi rebrands himself with ‘soft power’ but Yoga cannot uptick power to mitigate hunger


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That was indeed spectacular. The Indian PM’s bend-over-backwards and there with his forte in communicating to the world that India in Modi has achieved the required outreach of its soft power.

Which he did with all precision and grammar.

This is part of politics that when hard power on governance seem not enough to make the outreach, the diversion to soft power taken one to a greater height of the politics.

And that, perhaps appear to be the main political narrative this time which is ‘soft power’ politics.

Merely governance or delivery are not all or how many weapons one has possession or a vibrant economy but things as soft power has that power and the Indian PM seems to have the realization of that exigency which he did .

With 2024 brings in a phase of outreach where competition is bound to be tough with opposition sending signals of an unity although which is still far.


This is what Modi’s participation at the 9th International Yoga Day at the United Nations in New York on 21 June, Wednesday has been all about. He skillfully used the occasion to link it to another important aspect of Indian soft power—its participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.


“Yoga is free from copyright, free from patents and free from royalty patents.” Modi showed a marked departure from any religious interpretation.

Modi skill fully played it to the galleries in US with an eye on the huge Indian Diaspora.

From being banned for Visa in 2002, now it has subsequently a huge, huge recapturing the brand as Modi.

From Yoga right into the White House and a tryst with the First Lady Jill Biden Modi went miles. From his repeat thrust on Diaspora Modi tried to garner the good will of the Indians there.

But what happens to the ‘great powers’ observation by Biden when it fizzles out when the Indo-Chinese discords crop up. India has dearly failed in that aspect.

Yoga cannot fill basic  needs

Back home the inner jitters people face here from inflation and many dropping graphs in indexes like hunger, education and health those a country needs to possess, no Yoga can replenish the basic things.     .

At the event, Modi highlighted the many steps taken by India to promote education, skilling, and innovation. The aim of the exercise was to enhance India-US cooperation and collaborations in the field of promoting vocational skills as well as education in general.

Cartoon courtesy:  The Hindu..

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