Modi government has taken Rs 100 lakh crore loan: highest since independence.

Mumbai, Sept 8 : Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Nana Patole on Friday said the Narendra Modi government at the centre has taken Rs 100 lakh crore loans over the past nine years, which was almost double the aggregate amount of loan drawn by all previous governments since independence.

Speaking in his Jansamvad Yatra at Kahan in Nagpur district, Patole said in 67 years since the independence of the country (ie till 2014), all the governments at the centre together took a loan of Rs.55 lakh crore.

He said after independence, the Congress government developed the country from needle to rocket. ISRO, which launched Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, was also established during the reign of the Congress.

Patole alleged that banks, railways, airports and insurance companies set up by the Congress governments were sold by the Modi regime.

On the occasion, former Minister Sunil Kedar, former Minister and District Congress President Rajendra Mulak, Vice President Nana Gawande and a large number of officials participated.

Patole said the battle is on against the “dictatorial” government at the Centre.

The Modi government has increased inflation, made medicines expensive, robbed farmers by imposing 18 percent GST on agricultural materials, he alleged.

Modi is filling the pockets of his friends by taking money from farmers, labourers and the common people through GST. Loans of crores of rupees drawn by big industrialists have been waived.

Due to the constitution given by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Narendra Modi became the Prime minister of the country and as soon as he came to power, his government started to end the constitution itself, he alleged.

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