Live longer: Partnership with Elixir wellness to spread awareness about Fragile X Syndrome : Shalini

Mumbai, July 19 : Fragile X Society has partnered with Elixir Wellness to raise awareness about Fragile X Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects individuals worldwide.
Fragil and Elixir has committed to increase awareness as a step to promote accurate diagnosis of children affected.
Under the leadership of Shalini Kedia, Founder of the Fragile X Society in India, and Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, owner of Elixir Wellness, the awareness “An Afternoon of Wellness” was designed to educate attendees about Fragile X Syndrome and its impact on individuals and families.
While the event showcased the wellness, services offered by Elixir Wellness, it is essential to emphasize that the event was not intended as a treatment program for Fragile X Syndrome but rather as an opportunity to unite people from various walks of life in support of the cause.
Although Fragile X syndrome doesn’t have a cure, an accurate and early diagnosis can truly change the life of the family.

Shalini Kedia added, “Our partnership with Elixir Wellness allows us to reach a wider audience and spread awareness about Fragile X Syndrome, a release said here on Wednesday.

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