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Content landscape change will be exponential, says YouTube India MD

yderabad, Dec 26 : The content landscape change will be exponential and exciting through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the next 24 months, YouTube India MD Ishan Chatterjee said on Tuesday.

Addressing StartX Summit as part of the centenary celebrations of The Hyderabad Public School, he said that platforms like YouTube have democratised access to creative arts, and now anyone can be a creator.

“It has implications for mainstream media and existing business and for a creator economy as a whole since you can legitimately build business. Hyper-localisation and the ability to access languages and genres is evermore possible. With a huge majority of content being consumed in short form videos now, the content landscape will change in the next 24 months by Gen- AI. It will be an exponential and exciting change,” he said.

Renowned HPS alumni experts shared their insights and strategies for achieving success in the startup landscape.

The event unfolded with a panel discussion on ‘Navigating the Creator Economy – A New Era of Digital Entrepreneurship’. Rahul Tamada, Cofounder & CEO, Tamada Media, Supriya Yarlagadda, CEO, Annapurna Studios, Rana Daggubati, actor and producer, Nag Ashwin, director and screenwriter, and Satish Mummareddy, former product manager, GenAI, Meta discussed the current trends in the economic landscape for entrepreneurs especially in the digital era.

“Being a creator is all about being original, you must have a story coming deep inside from you, this is important for the content to be relevant. Our generation has seen films disappeared with digitisation,” said Daggubati.

“Learning and unlearning is the key, you need to create a cycle. Change is going to be dramatic and quick, unless you are on that cycle, it will be difficult. It is what you choose to chase – which skill you want to pick. Earlier it used to be an imitation game. The change of thought now is that the world is one and anything that is made here can get picked elsewhere in no time,” he added.

Mummareddy said the mainstream creators are going to be superpowers with higher quality content which is accessible much faster, much cheaper, a large set of people who can get an opportunity to do that will be superpowers.

Ashwin said that HPS helped them to prepare for the real world and they are glad to give back to the school.

“When I make a film, I wish to reach a wider audience rather than a confined audience like from Bangladesh or any other global space,” he said.

Another panel discussion on ‘Intrapreneurship – Igniting Innovation in Established Businesses’ featured Vikas Jhabakh, MD, Motovault & Benelli India, Krishna Kanumari, CEO and MD, Sai Life sciences, Gautam Reddy, co-founder, PAD integrated Communications, Anand Narasimhan, Head of Oncology Business, Merck, and Abhishek Somany, owner, Somany Ceramics Ltd.

Cricket commentator and alumnus Harsha Bhogle also inaugurated a leadership and grooming programme for future leaders – ‘World is my Oyster’. A panel discussion was held on the program crafted to boost mentorship and guidance through large scale alumni participation.



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