An incredible Samaritan who could instill a change among the sex workers


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To commemorate the World Health Day what could be more befitting an example than what a 16 year old is at, trying to ease a mind that has been made uneasy by a social aspersion and rejections.

Incredible it may sound. That a school going girl can take on in an insurmountable task of counseling and lead them(sex workers) to self protection through precaution and medication.

Still in schools, Anrna Bhura finds spare time out of  her regular schedules to go to the sex workers and make them convinced about medications.

She has learnt the inner realities from her Aunt about the deadly cervical cancer the sex workers are immensely prone to. So, the HPV vaccines become a must take for them.

Delhi’s Aarna Bhura is a 16-year-old, who’s just completed her tenth board exams. In her spare time she goes to music class, boxing class…

Her aunt guided her in many ways but till long Aarna was ignorant about one thing that how her Aunt was forced into sex-trafficking incidentally.

But I had a resolve that, most of these forced in sex-workers need attention and she took the plunge to work for their good. They need attention as many of them are pushed into these dark lanes of life.

For any such service what is paramount is money which Aarna did not succeed to garner so she looked at the other options hence she tried to make them agree for vaccinations.  She required them so at last she had the support of some voluntary organization and the official health care fronts. Which helped her pursuits.

Initially it was challenging but at last she could convince them for vaccinations.

Unbelievable that she could raise above three lakh rupees from many Indian cities.

Aarna, along with her mother, then travelled to cities across India to organise physical fundraisers.

Slowly they were convince that they themselves are the ones who can fight against the menace. Rs 15,000 per dose in not a joke but they did not give up.

What was heartening for them that someone is ready to care for them.

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