What are these supersonic mysteries taking over Indian skies?

Mumbai, Oct 1 : Several videos have surfaced on the Internet where vlogs of popular influencers Ruhee Dosani, Saurabh Ghadge, Apoorva Rebel Kid along with many others are facing unexpected disruptions in their videos that are faster than lightning.

Why are these influencers caught up in this chaos? What’s causing these unusual interruptions? Is it a plan to challenge their content-creating skills? Or is there a simpler explanation?

As we get closer to October 2, the influencers have left everyone in shock by saying that this Gandhi Jayanti something action packed and supersonic is coming.

It’s highly awaited to see on the most peaceful day of Gandhi Jayanti, what’s going to be so violent, loud and full of action that’s going to take over the country.

The hashtag #BharatKoChedogeTohChhodengeNahi is causing a buzz on social media and this supersonic mystery is the talk of the town.

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