Katrina Kaif does a closet cleanse

New Delhi, Jan 19: Actor and entrepreneur Katrina Kaif is all set to make a coveted selection of hand-picked pieces from her wardrobe available to the public for purchase for the first time, exclusively on Saritoria.

Known for her distinct style, and for bringing her best to every role she takes on, Katrina will be among the first celebrities in India to be part of a pre-loved revolution at a global scale, allowing consumers to browse and shop one- of-a-kind items from her closet, to promote sustainability. The proceeds from the sale of Kaif’s outfits will be contributed to Mountain View School in Madurai, an institution dedicated to the education of lesser privileged children, founded and run by her mother.

Preloved fashion as a concept is increasingly finding value in the hearts of consumers, particularly with millennial and Gen Z shoppers who believe in making mindful investments in fashion, now, more than ever.

“I am excited to announce my decision to join the preloved revolution and be part of the circular economy by doing a wardrobe cleanse with Saritoria and giving some of my favourite pieces a new home,” said Katrina Kaif.

She added: “I have always believed in and followed the ‘less is more’ lifestyle and my collaboration with Saritoria is an extension of the same. 2022 has made us all aware of the need to embed more sustainable and conscious decisions into our everyday lives and as a consumer, shopping pre-loved is a step in that direction. With Saritoria, I aim to do my bit to familiarise a larger consumer set to the concept of pre-loved. I am keen to normalise the notion of second-hand shopping in India – you can buy stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces at a fraction of their original cost while saving the planet.”

The Katrina x Saritoria closet sale will feature some iconic garments from Kaif’s wardrobe. A few of the preloved luxury brands that will be available from her wardrobe are Victoria Beckham, Alexander Mc Queen, Jacquemus, Saint Laurent, Balmain, and more. All the pieces from her collection are well maintained, in impeccable condition and will be available for significantly lesser than their retail price. Each piece has been hand-selected by Katrina and is available for the public to purchase exclusively on the Saritoria App.

The Saritoria App aims to upgrade the consumer experience while offering a fuss-free and user-friendly interface. It is designed like a social media application, which enables users to follow their favourite sellers like Katrina Kaif and get alert notifications every time a new outfit is uploaded by them. Making navigation easier, the App is designed to remember the details of returning customers, their preferences and the kind of outfits they like and click on, their go to designer, etc.

It also has some unique features like the ‘concierge services’ and the ‘resale button’ where users can re-sell what they have bought on the Saritoria App in the past with the click of just one button. The mobile application follows the same 3 step authentication process starting with the rigorous screening of the images and outfits prior to being approved for the App to check for any defects and receive the ‘Saritoria Seal’ before being delivered to the conscious end customer.

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