Films made for propaganda are always premised on powerful figures’s blessing in back ground

D N Singh(Exclusive)

So once a story is selected then the maker chooses a theme that can entertain and at the same time trigger emotions. Those are mostly emotions based on divisions.

Or we can call it manipulation through entertainment. So, accordingly the recipe is so made that do not take much time to be perfected.

A provocative teaser to be carved with exciting pictures like on one recent Bollywood blockbuster.

But in propaganda films there is little variation. An intelligent blend of the normal and stereotype plus in the other part is the polarization stuff.

Some pick half truths yet call them researched which is as good as lie.

Picture’s contents are so presented that one community looks a very ethical and innocent and other is just bad and violent, crazy to create disquiet.

Often the dividing line is so dramatically blurred but not erased so that the propaganda is not obliterated.

Like in another recent film present voices are chosen that can trigger anger and hate. Trolls are rejected but the film climbs up to deliver the message. Such buzzes help the film and the purpose.

Some hasten to say that the film has really exposed the dark under belly so the emotions are stoked.

But one thing is normal behind all such makers there are so called powerful God fathers who do not allow whips cracked on the maker.

That is a double benefit, for the powerful and the makers who wrecks mullahs.

Terrorism is a common nuance chosen and sideliners add to that saying ‘brilliant’ expose on a community or even gender.

Some governments hurry to declare them Tax-free right in the middle of controversies which benefits at the box-office.

Those who oppose or call them motivated by so and so can be dubbed as anti-nationals .

While the frenzy rises the makers in the cozy comfort of their luxury offices quietly watch how the tempers in the streets rise, simmering anger and emotional boil. They smile to themselves.

Media is fed with interviews in which the maker uses euphemism to give a cover of intellect and freedom to his film.

Pull focus from that what matters, pick some social issues and add them in. Done.

Next use actual suffering as bait for your agenda.

From the sidelines voices can be heard that ‘they should be taught a lesson and be probed even after 70 years.

So the recipe sold and just sit back and watch in televisions what transpires out there.


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