‘Bigg Boss 16’: ‘Lonely’ Shalin requests housemates to nominate him

In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Shalin Bhanot will be seen in tears as he will ask Shiv Thakare and MC Stan to nominate him since he cannot take it anymore.

A promo shared by the channel on Instagram, starts with Shalin sitting alone in the bathroom. Sumbul Touqeer asks Nimrit Ahluwalia that he has no one left in the house to talk to.

Nimrit said that he’d play a sympathy card in this situation too.

The promo then showed Shalin talking to Shiv and Stan. He said that he requested
Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to talk to her once.

'Bigg Boss 16': 'Lonely' Shalin requests housemates to nominate him.Priyanka is then seen telling Tina Datta “karma is there.” To this, Tina bursts out laughing.

Shalin is then seen telling Stan and Shiv that whenever he is sitting on the rooftop, Priyanka and Tina laugh. He then requests them to nominate him as he bursts into tears and said that he wont be able to take it anymore.

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